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Trauma takes many different forms. For example:
  • abuse in childhood or adulthood
  • road accidents
  • violent attacks
  • military involvement
  • a traumatic’ illness or death
    to mention just some.

  • John has been working with those who suffer from the effects of trauma for a long time. He is particularly experienced in working with adults who suffered abuse in childhood. In a different field he completed the advanced practitioners ‘Combat Stress & Trauma’ course with the Royal Marines, so has some familiarity with that arena. He is also trained in EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing). EMDR is one of only two preferred treatments for trauma recommended by NICE (National Institute for Clinical Excellence). EMDR has been proven, time and time again to be a safe and effective treatment for many kinds of trauma.

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    What is ‘EMDR’?

    EMDR was discovered by accident by an American Psychologist ‘Francine Shapiro’. It became very well known following the Vietnam War, when it’s successes in treating trauma became legendary. There is still some debate about exactly how it works. We know however that when we sleep our eyes will sometimes, move rapidly from side to side. The belief is that this is the brain ‘processing’ information, in this case the information in the dream. EDMR artificially stimulates this practice where the clients eyes follow the therapists fingers (or a light bar), thereby stimulating the brain to reprocess the traumatic episodes being dealt with. There is today a huge research evidence for the effectiveness of EMDR. More recently some Dutch researchers have been investigating the use of EMDR for the alleviation of chronic pain.

    EMDR sessions last for one and a half hours at a time.

    Telephone me today for an appointment on Exeter (01392) 412765. If you get an answerphone leave me a message and I'll get right back to you as soon as I'm free
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