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What are you looking for? Maybe it's one of the above, maybe a combination, maybe you are not 100% clear right now. Either way the form of therapy I practice can help in many situations. At its heart is the teaching of Carl Rogers. He believed that with the right theraputic support we will make the changes and decisions which are right for ourselves; decisions which we can trust because they come from a deep wisdom within each of us.

Rogers believed that it is the relationship which heals in therapy. He identified certain key items, which when present in the relationship between client and therapist, brings about theraputic change.

Counselling & Psychotherapy #01These beliefs underpin all of what I do and form the core of all of the theraputic work I engage in with clients. My experience is that they empower people to take steps they never even dreamt about and bring about healing and change which is sometimes breathtaking. That process could start for you today.

The way I work is unique to each person and is never reduced to a series of techniques.

Telephone me today for an appointment on Exeter (01392) 412765. If you get an answerphone leave me a message and I'll get right back to you as soon as I'm free
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